Relax in the world of Essense wellness saunas. Our oasis of peace awaits you!
In Essense SPA we offer 6 different saunas. Each of them specifically addresses a certain need, whether this is complete relaxation and disconnection, health needs or improving your health and well-being. In addition to classic - Finnish, Turkish panorama breads and BIO herbal panoramic - you can also try two rituals: a hay sauna and a Rasul oriental sauna. Our oasis of peace awaits you!
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Finnish sauna
Scandinavian outskirts are to blame for the popularity of Finnish saunas in the entire world due to its calming effects to our body. The smell of wood in Finnish sauna will remind you of the nature and spark a wish in you to calm yourself from the inside and to free your mind.
Turkish sauna
Ancient Greeks, Romans and nations in the Middle East have already known centuries ago the positive effects of Turkish sauna. Maybe they have already spoken about water as the source of life, as we know it today. Water is of course extremely important for our health, even in the form of humidity and steam.
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BIO panorama sauna
BIO herbal sauna is a modern alternative to traditional Finnish sauna. It was customized especially for those who can't bear high temperatures well, as temperatures in this sauna will only reach a maximum of 50–60 °C. Humidity will reach between 50 and 60 %, which makes this sauna a little more humid than the Finnish or Turkish one.
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Breadbath panorama sauna
Sometimes the warmth of the bread stove would beneficially affect rheumatic pain and even free our minds of heavy thoughts or sins, while nowadays the smell of freshly baked bread will slowly take you into the land of pleasant dreams. At the breadbath, you can find the actual bread stove, where the pleasant aroma comes from.
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If you want to try out something more or different than just our classic saunas, we, at Essense Bled SPA, offer you 2 special rituals: hay sauna and oriental Rasul sauna. As rituals, these are recommended in winter or in summer time, and you can even combine them with our jacuzzi or massage treatment.
Hay sauna
The idea for hay sauna was born in the Austrian Alps, where the farmers carried hay on their shoulders and put it down by their home stoves. Due to slight warmth and smell of the hay, they felt relaxed and calm again.
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Oriental Rasul sauna
This treatment goes on at the acoustic and romantic-themed cabin for two, and will take you into oriental world with its reach colors and handmade ceramics.
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