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Classic Massages
Relaxation Massages
The rapid pace of life and crowded schedules often lead to worries, tension, fatigue or exhaustion of the body. Enjoy a break and take your thoughts completely off for a while. Give your body time to recharge with energy and indulge in the pleasures of liberating relaxing massages. Massage your body to relax and relieve unnecessary tension, and your skin cares. It will restore energy and internal balance, and your overall well-being will improve. Your body and thoughts will be one-in harmony. The beneficial effects of massage will also give you a new momentum for upcoming commitments and challenges.
Massages for pregnant women
We also take care of our future mothers. We are aware that the holidays in pleasant anticipation are more important, so we take you to a relaxing atmosphere of pleasures. Under the hands of our Maserk who are specially trained to do this type of massage, you will feel the peace in your body and also transfer it to your child. With special massage techniques and selected oils from natural ingredients, it will improve your skin's firmness and elasticity. You will forget fatigue, nausea and water retention in your body. The massage is also eliminated by back pain, cross, feet and legs. It also improves blood circulation, so you will be more relaxed and your body is resilient.
Masaže, prilagojene nosečnicam
Masaža hrbta z olji (30/50 min)
33/49 €
Masaža telesa z olji (50 min)
49 €
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Wellness saunas:
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