Turkish sauna

40-45 degrees
Sauna wear: Towel
Resting wear: Towel, bath robe

Turkish sauna

Ancient Greeks, Romans and nations in the Middle East have already known centuries ago the positive effects of Turkish sauna. Maybe they have already spoken about water as the source of life, as we know it today. Water is of course extremely important for our health, even in the form of humidity and steam. Turkish sauna, hammam, or steam bath, or even wet sauna, as we sometimes call it, reaches the humidity of 100% and temperatures between 40 and 45°C. 

Pleasant aromas of herbs and different etheric oils will boost our lymph and relax our muscle tension. Turkish steam sauna will open our pores and thus, clean our skin to become soft and moist. This sauna will also beneficially affect our breathing ways and calm down our cold or cough as it cleans and moisturises the air ways. Turkish sauna will detox your body and speed up your metabolism. Leave your stress, toxins and tension in this sauna while you walk out completely renewed.

How to use Turkish sauna

Before entering the sauna, your body will first need to adapt to the temperature and climate in the room. Which is why it is especially important for you to know, how to use this sauna, and stick to our suggested time frame in it.

You can only enter this sauna wrapped in a towel and bare foot - we suggest you to keep an extra towel to wipe your sweat with. Before visiting the sauna, please shower and dry yourself - do the same between 1 and another sauna entering.

At first, you might be affected by the heat and humidity - but relax, stay comfortable and calm, breathe deeply and try to unwind. You may lay down or sit in this sauna, although it is suggested that you sit in the last 2 minutes of relaxing in the sauna. Your very first visit should not exceed 10 minutes.

Leave this sauna slowly in order to prevent any lightheadedness and go under the shower. Slowly change your water temperature from very warm to cool so that you can cool off - shower your body first and your head last.

Next, you'll have your chill time - this should take at least 15 minutes. Tuck yourself in your bathrobe and relax on one of our loungers. During sauna time, you can lose a lot of water from your body due to sweating so don't forget to drink plenty of fluids, we suggest water or tea.

After your pause, your ready for a new sauna visit, so please repeat the process from the beginning. Each visit should take between 5 and 20 minutes at most. Just listen to your body and stay in our sauna as much, or as little as you think you can handle.

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